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Song of life
Life is like a song, and songs are full of passion, sorrowful tears, melancholy and joy.
Life is like a dream, dream is like a song, there are wonderful, gray, sad, happy.
How are you going to sing your song? How does your dream come true? Here's a new page for you.
People are the first element of an enterprise, and talents are the foundation of the company's development. A new force, a world of innovation. Our company provides a broad world for diligent and progressive people.
The existence of self, the value of enterprise, the pleasure of creation and the pleasure of labor blend here and realize here.
Sing your own song of life, strive to realize your dream, improve your life value and surpass yourself.


Wuxi xinqisheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

Enterprise connotation: a new force, a world of innovation.
Business philosophy: surpassing self, creating value and continuous leap
Corporate mission:
For customers - to exceed expectations and create value for customers; Create development space for employees and enhance their self-worth;
For the society - to create prosperity and serve the progress of social civilization; For shareholders - return long-term benefits.
Core values: standardized operation, teamwork, sincere dedication, performance first
Business people: wholeheartedly to the company, wholeheartedly to the work, and sincerely to colleagues
Talent selection criteria: dedication, cooperation, honesty, upward, passion in work, identity in mission.
Enterprise vision: with modern equipment, provide satisfactory products and excellent services, realize the value of life, show a brilliant image of the team, become the leader of the industry


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Add:211 Chengnan Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
Mobile:18021191224(General manager Tang)


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